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Panos has a style that marries color, light and perspective with emotion. He is an artist, editor and technician. His first multi-award-winning film, ‘Greek Skies’ involved 55,000 photos, 825 hours of shooting, 8400 kilometers of travel, 650 hours of editing, and countless hours of praying.

His detail oriented vision has led him to earn recognition from the prestigious festivals around the world.

Panos began taking photos at the age of seven, clutching the precious Kodak his father had given him as a gift. In their small vil­lage of Agria, the boy soon found an important outlet in the creativity of the photographer’s lens, and quickly honed his professional eye.

After his miraculous healing from cancer, Panos devotes his mission to those in need, less fortunate and most importantly to Glorify God for the gift of life.


I love teaching photo enthusiasts how to make the most of their cameras and imaging software.

Workshops and Private Lessons in our 101 Photography are taught differently than most “cookie cutter” workshops.

– Questions and comments are encouraged throughout the entire class. 
– The class may be modified on the fly if the class seems to want to go in a certain direction.
– I try to effectively convey the “how and why” of photography, not just “click by numbers” approach.  In other words, I want you to know why a technique works so that you can apply that technique beyond the examples from class.  “Teach a man to fish…. right?”

I look forward to helping you reach your artistic goals.

Beginner Photography Subjects Include:

Exposure | Depth of Field & Shooting Modes

Understanding Exposure:

Most training out there tells you “what to do” NOT “why to do it and how it works”.

Understanding the why and how allows you to tackle new situations not just those situtions used within a single example.

Achieving proper exposure. (working with shutter speed, aperture and ISO).

Working with exposure compensation.

Shooting Modes:

M, A, S (Tv), P

What are they for? When to use them.

Depth of Field:

Improving your composition with depth of field.

DOF and aperture (f/stops) focal length, sensor size, subject distance.

Metering | Focusing | Dynamic Range

Metering Modes:

Controlling exposure via metering modes.

Targeting exposure to your subject.


Focusing techniques

Focus area modes

Focus points

Using manual focus

Dynamic Range:

Learn how to tackle those terrible lighting situations that leave you with blown out skies and shadows with no details.

Basic Composition

Framing your subjects

Rule of thirds

Background and foregrounds

Unique viewpoints

and more…

Image Critique:

All students are encouraged to bring some select photos on a thumb drive for a critique session.

Best Photos: Bring your best photos with you so we can discuss what you have done right and what can be improved upon next time.

Problem Photos: Bring samples of photos that represent ongoing issues you may be having so that we can discuss how to overcome those issues.

Useful Info

Taught Material

A brief description of the two Workshops is listed below for each Workshop. Full detailed info and itinerary will be given alongside a complimentary fully detailed 30-page photography guide in your email!


Accommodation is included, but in case you would like to extend your stay or organize something around the workshop we recommend you contact us!

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Getting to Meteora

Useful Info

Duration: 1/2 Day

Starting Time: 11:00 AM (after breakfast)


101 Photography – 225


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Cancellations received within 14 days of departure will incur a penalty of 50% per person.

Cancellations received within 7 days of departure will incur a penalty of 70% per person

Unused features are non-refundable. No shows forfeit entire payment.

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Photography 101


This workshop is focused on introducing the beginner photographer or new camera owner to the basic concepts of composition and exposure. You will be shown how to work with the major camera features required to take your first steps forward in photography. With these skills you can begin to take better photos of any subject and get more enjoyment from your photography.

Lesson takes place inside and outside (weather permitting) and contains a lot of information (don’t worry, I will give you all your notes already written so you can just focus on the class).

Who Should Take This Class?:

Beginner – who need an introduction to their new cameras and to photography basics.

Novice – who wish to get an all inclusive review of the basics. It’s a great refresher course for those who learned (but forgot) this information previously.


  • All Photography Tuition and mentoring
  • Upon request (extra cost) Lodging and Breakfast included – in Pelion Surroundings
  • Free 36 page guide 
  • Optimal Camera and Equipment Setup, including lens selection etc 
  • Local transport

Fitness level:

This workshop will include some moderate walking on uneven ground and loose gravel.
You need to be able to carry your own equipment during the walks, which some are up easy hills.
Note: we do not aim for more than 10 mins hikes for each location.


✓ Tuition fees. (1/2 Day)

✓ Pick up from your hotel

✓  In-field instruction on the art and craft of both fine art still photography.

✓ Hands-on experience with high-end gear for photography.

✓ Guidance to unique photography locations.

✓ 2 Extra High-End DSLR Cameras will be available in case you forgot yours or simply doesn’t work.

✓ Extra tripods if needed (max 4 per workshop).

Not Included

× Flights and transportation.

× Lodging (upon request, we can provide)

× Meals, Drinks, Gifts, Souvenirs (apart from soft drinks and snacks during shooting which are included)

× Monasteries entrance fees.

× Gratuities (optional)

× Travel and cancellation insurance.

Workshops 2019

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All participants are required to sign a standard workshop indemnity waiver
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