philanthropic gala


We are happy to announce that on 18th May 2016 20:00, we will open our first philanthropic gala,

in the premises of the Charitable foundation of Nikolaos & Katerina Porfyrogeni in Agria Volos (click link for map).

The Gala will be open 18-31st May 19:00-22:00

info 2428091230 & 6973230274


I am exhibiting without any copyrights 60+ wall art photos and all revenue 100% will be donated to charitable houses that host orphans and children in need of medication.

Please see below the Art that will be displayed in the gala and visit us to support children in need. 

Below you can see some of them, feel free to use our contact form for any info, details and/or order request.

In the gala you will also have the opportunity to choose for printing ANY frame of the award winning film “Greek Skies” that will be playing in 4 gigantic screens. Greek Skies is assembled by 55.000 still photos among which you simply can select by choosing the exact minute and second while playing and an Art Wall Print in high quality will be placed in order for you.

Greek Skies from Panos Photographia on Vimeo.