Panagiotis Filippou
International Awarded Photographer & Cinematographer/DoP

Panos has a style that marries color, light and perspective with emotion. He is an artist, editor and technician. His first multi-award-winning film, ‘Greek Skies’ involved 55,000 photos, 825 hours of shooting, 8400 kilometers of travel, 650 hours of editing, and countless hours of praying.

His detail oriented vision has led him to earn recognition from the prestigious festivals around the world.

Panos began taking photos at the age of seven, clutching the precious Kodak his father had given him as a gift. In their small vil­lage of Agria, the boy soon found an important outlet in the creativity of the photographer’s lens, and quickly honed his professional eye.

After his miraculous healing from cancer, Panos devotes his mission to those in need, less fortunate and most importantly to Glorify God for the gift of life.